(VR) virtual reality gaming on your mobile device!

Virtual reality (VR) gaming on your mobile device is now here!

Nolo is a compact system that allows playing VR gaming on your mobile device.

It’s pretty simple to be adjusted – simply attach the headset marker to your smartphone, set up the single base station motion tracker, grab the two controllers and you’re ready to start gaming.

Over 700 VR gaming are already avalible for Nolo, good it’s to know that  some of the more advanced games require additional software and a PC connection.

Compared with other brands Nolo have much better price – the price is only 149 $ and and early backers to Nolo’s Kickstarter campaign can reserve the set for the even lower price of $99.

The first sets are expected to ship worldwide in May.

Source: http://www.nolovr.com/

Source :http://24usnews.com/play-interactive-virtual-reality-games-smartphone/

Picture Source: http://www.nolovr.com/

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