[VIDEO] Say goodbye to scratches – WD 40 as a scratch remover!

Removing scratches by simply wiping them down with wd-40? “Can you believe that?” the video asks. No. No we can’t. It would take a much clearer demonstration than that to convince us. It would be a great way to avoid the body shop if it actually worked, but surprise, surprise: It doesn’t.

As shown in the following video testing these wild claims, WD-40 will make the scratches nice and clean. Cleaning could possibly hide some very shallow scratches, but if the scratches are that shallow to begin with, a wash and wax would do the same thing. For slightly deeper scratches on plastic panels like shown here, rubbing compound buffs out the scratch much better. The WD-40 method didn’t even help much when it came to a simple paint scuff.

The verdict? WD-40 is just a strange way to clean out the dirt out of a scratch. Traditional elbow grease and rubbing compound can still fix a shallow scratch, but if it is deep enough to see primer or metal, no amount of tricks will replace touch up paint or a trip to the body shop. Any time there is a trick that the professionals “Don’t want you to know,” you can probably bet that it won’t work.

Source: uniquedailynews.com

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