Smartphone battery which will be completely recharged in just five minutes starting from next year?

Smartphones with batteries that will be completely recharged in just five minutes could be on sale as of next year. Impressive, right?
This technology was first introduced in 2015, when Israeli StoreDot introduced the so-called FlashBattery in Las Vegas.
CEO StoreDot for the BBC said that the start of production of these batteries is expected in early 2018, saying it could not tell witch company applied for the use of this advanced technology.

He in 2015 for the BBC said that his batteries contain materials that enable “non-traditional” reactions and unusually fast transfer of ions from the anode to the cathode, which is actually a process which powers the battery.
These batteries are otherwise made of nanomaterials, which still characterize extremely small structures, and a lot of unnamed organic compounds.

And of course at this time when everybody is in a hurry battery like this are more than welocme to us.

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