Are You Skilled Enough To Be a Motorcycle Cop? This is What the NYPD Police Officers Go Through to Pass the Bike Test

As a motorcyclist, I have a great deal of respect for motorcycle cops. One, they are riders. Second, they are cops. They ride all day and put their life on the line to make things better for the likes of you and me. Sure, some cops target bikers unnecessarily, but that’s nearly not enough for me to have even an ounce of lesser respect for these heroes on motorcycles.

Once deputed, these officers have to face a variety of sticky situations while on their rides. They spend nearly all of their shift on the motorcycle. And despite the issue Harleys being fairly comfortable motorcycles, it still isn’t an easy task.

While these officers are given standard cop training as well, much of their training revolves around motorcycles. These are the guys who’re officially trained by the good guys to be able to ride like the bad guys.

The training involves obstacle courses setup on asphalt. And yes, it includes spills on the tarmac.

As well as courses in the woods. The way these riders ride through these tough courses is just amazing. It’s something people with years of experience under their seat can’t do.

The training also includes provocation from fellow officers to equip these trainees to deal with real-world j*rks and thugs. We salute them for their service!


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