Normal Pressure for Your Age? – Check it now !

Do you know nausea, blurry vision, headaches and dizziness, shortness of the breath, vomiting and also nose bleeding are signs that can indicate high blood pressure.

Not controlled high blood preassure can raise many health issues like loss of vision, strokes, memory loss, heart issues and also atherosclerosis.

Some lifestyle factors, like diet and smoking, can significantly impact individual’s risk of emerging high blood pressure.

People don’t have any symptoms until the blood pressure is very high, and if you have high blood pressure, be sure to take your medicine.

Here is table for normal pressure for different ages:

In women, by age:

Until 20 years old 72/116
20-30 years 75/120
30-40 years 84/137
40-50 years 84/137
50-60 years 85/144
Over 70 years 85/159

In men, by age:

Until 20 years old 76/123
20-30 years 79/126
30-40 years 81/129
40-50 years 83/135
50-60 years 85/142
Over 70 years 80/142




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