Going Viral: First Responder to a Motorcycle Accident Shares Touching Story And Gives Strong Message For Every Rider to Wear a Helmet

Ever since we started to ride, we’ve been told to wear helmets. While the laws in some states don’t require all riders to wear helmets, common sense requires all riders to wear helmets.

Helmets are the most important thing I rider can use, while on the two wheels. You may be the rider, you may be the pillion, but never forget to wear helmets.

Helmets save lives. And we can’t say that enough times. We’ve done multiple posts before on the importance of safety gear. One of them is a compilation of after-accident helmets. And if this man’s touching video isn’t enough for you to always remember to always wear the helmet, do check THAT out!

You may think that you don’t really need a helmet if you’re going to be riding slow. Or if you’re going to be riding a short distance. But no, you do. Accidents don’t see how much you’ve been traveling before they happen. Similarly, you may be going slow, but the vehicle that hits you may not.

The man in the video was a first responder to a crash involving a Harley-Davidson. The biker had side-brushed against an SUV and was thrown off 3 lanes away. When this man went to the accident victim, he had severe head injuries. After he helped him out, he decided to tell this story and another as a very strong reminder to every biker out there to always wear a helmet. His message is really heart-touching and mind-opening! Do listen to him!


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