Best Mens Colognes (According to Women) !

We all want perfumes that provide aromas of confidence, power, domination … Some of this perfumes that contain all this in 1 package are simply indestructible.

Male perfumes, and normally females started intensive advertising in the late 19th century, where approximately 250 new perfumes appeared annually. But of those 250, only 0.2% are remembered in the world of best perfumes. The remaining 99.8% is immediately forgotten.

One of the major complaints of most men with regards to perfumes is that they do not last long, but we have a list of the most popular fragrances have been picked.

Maybe you can choose some for Valentines day 🙂

1 Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme

Dolce & Gabbana dedicate their classic fragrance Pour Homme to the elegance and style of the Italian man. It is an olfactory portrait of the Latin lover, able to project into the collective imagination the iconic power of irrestistible sex appeal and tenderness. At the heart of the scent, Lavender provides a soul of pure, dry freshness, like a Mediterranean breeze, while Cedarwood lends it its masculine structure.

2. Bvlgari Man in Black Eau de Parfum Spray for Men

A unique signature built around a striking contrast: the cold freshness of green, citrus notes marries the oriental and intense sensuality of wood, creating a harmonious fusion.
After a vibrant, green, fresh opening, the fragrance unveils a heart adorned with unusual, reminiscent notes of tuberose and neroli, heightened by spicy, ambery tones of white wood and musk.BVLGARI MAN IN BLACK’s distinctive top note of rum is adorned with frosted accents that are absolutely surprising.

3. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Men’s Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanilla is a brilliant winter cologne that’ll remind you of the warm and cozy den you’ll be looking to curl up in after a day out in the cold. Tobacco, ginger, vanilla, and cocoa blend seamlessly into one another, making it yet another perfect Tom Ford scent that can’t be missed.

4. Prada ‘L’Homme Prada’ Cologne

A refreshing scent that brilliantly mixes the airy notes with masculine woodsy tones.  Top notes include iris and amber, while base notes include geranium and patchouli.

5.  Paco Rabanne – 1 Million 

Old but still GOLD, This high-impact fragrance creates a multifaceted signature of masculinity. The freshness of grapefruit invites you into this audacious scent, combining in the top notes with mint and blood mandarin. Striking and assertive middle notes follow with a refined yet virile combination of rose, cinnamon, and spicy notes. The base notes evoke the ultimate velvety harmony of leather, white wood, amber and Indonesian patchouli essences. Once combined, the result is not merely one fragrance but an elegant, one-of-a kind intermingling of essences.


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