2 quick diets to lose 11 pounds in a week!

Fast diets are very popular because for a short time helps to get rid of a lot of your weight.

If you’re too relaxed with food and now you can wear your favorite dress, just try one of these diets.

It lasts five days.

Breakfast: Any fruit except bananas.

Lunch: Hot Dog and boiled egg

Alcohol, sweetened juices, and milk are prohibited, but it is necessary to import two liters of fluid a day, whether it be water or better yet unsweetened teas.

The diet should not be repeated in a row without a break.

Fast diet no. 2

For seven days you can lose 5-6 kg.

First day:

Eat only fruits, except bananas. The fruit is allowed in unlimited quantities. The best choice is one that contains large amounts of water.

Second day:

Eat only vegetables MUST be fresh, cooked or preserved. Recommended green vegetables. If you like to eat mixed vegetables important is to not be mixed with oil.

Third day:

You must eat boiled vegetables (10 min on high temperature then 5 min on low)  and then you can drink a lot of tea Рnot forget WITHOUT SUGAR!

Fourth day:

Allowed bananas (up to three daily), low-fat milk and vegetable soup (prepared as that of the previous day).

Fifth day:

Eat soup for a meal 200 g beef and 6 fresh tomatoes during the day. Beef should be roasted or boiled (remember that).

Sixth day:

On the stovetop, sear fresh shrimp in coconut oil and season with fresh grated ginger and scallions. Serve over a bed of mixed field greens and top with fresh pear slices.

Seventh day:

The food is the same as the previous day, just replace shrimp with rice.

Diet can be repeated several times, but each cycle must be with a pause.

With this diet, alcohol, sweetened juices and milk are banned, but it is necessary to import two liters of fluid a day, Like water or unsweetened tea.

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